Elddem Guides

Welcome to the Elddem website! Guides on how the game works will be available here. Under construction currently!


Current Elddem Online Features Available:

Questing, Trading (Open Economy), Dueling (A duel is a test of honor and strength, can you win against your opponent?), Groups (Dungeon Instances), Banking, Guilds, Mounts, PVP Areas (Battle to the death against your opponents), PVE Combat (Plenty of monsters to fight)


  • Crafting
  • Smithing
  • Mining
  • Woodcutting



  • Auto Attack
  • Power Strike


  • Fireball
  • Healing Aura


  • Bow Shot
  • Power Shot










When you die you lose all your items equipped and in your inventory. You have 60 seconds to pick your items up before others can loot your Death Stone. Other players have 60 seconds from the first 60 seconds to loot the Death Stone before it disappears.



You can safely bank your items at Elddem Bankers throughout the world. These bankers have access to a special chest that can fit most of your valueables. Simply talk to one to access your bank. It is recommended you store your items safely in your bank before adventuring out into any PVP areas!


Auction House (Name subject to change)

You can trade with any other players across the world easily by speaking to any Elddem Auctioneer to put items up for sale or to purchase items from others. Not going to be able to play for the next few hours? Put your trade up and come back later to see it more than likely fullfilled!



You can trade other players in-game by targetting them and then right clicking their avatar portrait. Ensure you double check what you are trading and with whom!



There will be areas in the world that will be entirely PVP such as Forest of Shadows, In the Forest of Shadows any player and can attack any other player, if you are in a PVP zone it is a free for all, so be warned and travel safely!



There will be tons of areas and tons of mobs and bosses to fight throughout the world. These creatures usually drop loot, some better than others. Some more challenging Quests you may find yourself having to defeat a particularly unforgiving boss.


World Map