New Fly Through Videos of Elddem Lands

New Fly Through Videos of Elddem Lands

Date: Sunday 14 July 2019 at 03:58
Category: Media

You will now see a random Elddem area upon loading our main page on the website here. These fly through videos were created to give a quick look at what the lands of Elddem will look like.

Looter's Bay:

Forest of Shadows:

Elddem Keep:


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By admin | Jul 14th 2019, 21:51

Forest Of Shadows will also be an entirely PVP area, with the exception of possibly one safe area. Be warned! If you die, you will lose all your items equipped and in your inventory in any place in the game. You have 60 seconds to loot your items or other players have the option to loot them from you for another 60 seconds before your Death Stone disappears with your loot. Items of value will be sought after and player killings will be a thing.



By admin | Jul 14th 2019, 21:45

Yes, you are on it! I plan to add a lot more props and lots of NPCs/Mobs - Also I expect the player count on the top left to be much higher than the current 0, so we should have a good amount of players running around as well.



By McTowel | Jul 14th 2019, 10:19

Looks very promising, if these scenes get filled in with more props and NPC's and whatnot it will be dense and alive!

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